Trying to keep busy.

With Nil gone, there is sudden a void at every turn.

I’ve gotten so used to be him being at home when I come back from work. Now, when I come home, he isn’t around, and the empty room is strange and cold. So I moved the plant that he gave me when he left last year (and before we got married) into the room. It reminds me of him and this plant is one strange thing – it’ll wilt if you don’t water it after four days but water it then and in about an hour, it’ll be as stiff as…well…nothing naughty here; it’s a plant, remember?

I’ve gotten so used to him hogging my computer that when I go into my workroom now, it’s just different. No one to kiss, no one to distract, no one to faking fighting-over-a-PC with. So i installed some computer games, namely Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. Am still trying to get used to turn-based games. My friends are, hey hey, Napoleon, Bismark and Elizabeth (guess which countries they represent!).

And then, there is the knitting.

Usually I would happy to get any opportunity to knit but this time, not really. When Nil is around, I don’t really knit unless I have a project to finish and the last time I did any serious knitting work was before the registration. It stopped after that so that I could spend time with him. Picking it back up meant that he has truly left. So to motivate me into getting back to working with yarn & needles, I have decided to do some commissioned knitting. I have a customer already and I hope to finish La Fleur Dore (I christened it that prior to this endeavour) by end of July/early August.

So yes…I’m trying to keep busy…but how do you keep busy just before you doze off?

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