Nil just left today – for France. He starts some contractual work on Monday and if they like him, he’ll have a full-time job by September. So this means I won’t be seeing him for quite a while.

Suddenly, it feels lonely…and weird sleeping alone.


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  1. Sorry you’re feeling gloomy. I wondered if you’d received my parcel? It really should have arrived by now!

  2. You should’ve followed him back to France for a honeymoon.
    I’m new here but how come you’re not following him back to France?


  3. awww….surprisingly, i know how that feels. felt the same way when ted left for sydney first. even though we only shared a bed for like a couple of days after the wedding, i felt weird sleeping alone in a double bed. but soon got used to ALL that space!! then it was weird going back to SHARING the bed again when i got to sydney. dun worry dear….you’ll b ok! :hug:

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