The announcement cards.

The wedding announcements!

Together with the invitations (half of which are done!), I made my own little announcement cards.

These little babies are usually sent to people (friends/relatives) who cannot make it for the dinner or are not in the guest lists due to some reason or not. Since my dinner is more of a private family affair, I thought it would be nice to send a little something out.

The French-worded announcements

I used all the sample paper and cardstock that I got in order to make full use of everything! The cost for all the paper related items are:

  • Metallic cardstock: RM19 per 100 pieces (from Pudu)
  • Recycled paper: RM15 for 59 sheets (from PJ State)
  • Vellum (transparent): RM25 per 100 pieces (from Pudu)
  • Red DL envelopes: RM10 per 100 pieces (from Pudu)
  • Paper puncher: USD11.51 (from Ebay and includes shipping)
  • Rubber stamp: RM5 per stamp (from PJ State)
  • Fasteners: RM21 per pack of 100 (from Papier, The Curve)
  • Chiyogami paper: RM10.80 per sheet (from Papier, The Curve)
  • Gold inkpad: RM45 (from Papier, The Curve)
  • Gold pens: RM6.30 (from Popular Bookstore)
  • A6 envelopes & A4 paper: RM17
  • Gold seal stickers: RM10 per box of 100 plus pieces (from PJ State)
  • Sample cardstock: RM10 for 9 pieces (from KLCC and Papier)

Best part about this is I bought paper for 150 invites but I’m actually making less than that! So the balance will be used for announcements and tea ceremony notes! YAY!

The announcements for my side!

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  1. this is so simple and beautiful! You give me idea already, although mine is a good 1 year away! hehehe. We planning to register next year and the dinner wayyyyyy after that. 🙂

    The paper puncher is beautiful. Love it la!

  2. Nice and simple, the way I like it too!
    The paper puncher is cool, the stamp is superb!
    Love the colour selection!

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