The gowns

Break time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say that at the moment, I’m extremely happy with my choice for a bridal boutique. Despite me showing up 45 minutes late for my gown fitting, Pam, the lady in charge of my account, was ever friendly and patient. She was funny too – cracking jokes with Nil and time really flew by as I zipped in and out of the changing area.

One thing great about this place is that fact that I had the whole top floor to myself (so we could throw the gowns everywhere!). I could pick any gown I wanted (and I did) and be comical. Private and attentive – excellent really!

Wedding gown I Wedding gown II

After trying about thirty gowns (evening and wedding), we settled for four choices (may I add “difficult”?) with the last one being the outdoor gown that would only be picked next week when we go out for our photoshoot. I wanted more but luckily Nil has a fussy disposition when it comes to clothes on me. *phew* There were one or two that we really wanted but couldn’t have because of alteration issues but it’s alright (two out of 30 isn’t so bad). The others were lovely anyway.

Right now, I’m contemplating on taking pictures of the PS in a sort of “behind the scenes” way but have no one other than my father or mother to come with me and that idea is oh-so-weird! O’well…we’ll see…

Evening Gown I Evening Gown II

More here.

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  1. oos
    silly me. Just saw your wedding events and noticed that it is today.
    But if you have more photoshoots, let me know.

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