Deco ideas – Part I

I’ll be forgoing flowers and use my wedding favours instead as a centerpiece together with a pile of pistachio nuts instead of kacang for people to munch on. Am going to consider using either steel containers – I’ll need about ten (which my mum can use again for her cooking and etc) – or nice bowls from Royal China.


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UPDATE: La Fleur Doré


Here’s what I have so far with a little bit of bling bling from some blue, green and gold beads here and there. One or two more repeats and I can get started on the edging!!!! I already love the shine even though I have yet to complete it. Jaeggerspun Zephyr is absolutely addictive!!!!!! ^.^

goldenshawl_blue-beads goldenshawl_green-beads

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Wedding Notes

Note to self: I need to check on the following at the restaurant PLUS get samples/pictures.

  1. Flower arch
  2. Centerpieces (for all tables/VIP table)
  3. Overall room deco
  4. Backdrop
  5. Reception area deco – placecard, flowers, etc
  6. Stairway deco – cloth, etc
  7. Table cloth & napkins
  8. Chair covers
  9. Stage deco (glass fountain + dummy cake colours + table cloth)
  10. Function room layout
  11. Guestbook (if it’s ugly, DIY)
  12. Wedding favour boxes/packaging
  13. Plates for serving pistachios
  14. Sample menu

…and last but not least, FOOD TASTING!

In the meantime, I ought to complete or purchase the following:

  • The “hei” stickers for my invites
  • Rosebud tea
  • Guest list
  • Dinner bags – pink and gold
  • Earrings for dinner
  • Ink stamp pad for vellum wedding favours
  • Corset for my kebaya

This is crazy no? O’well…the price of doing everything yourself. Heh.

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Slowing down…

Work is going crazy with assignments and exams scripts pouring in. It’s kind of depressing sometimes when I think about it.

My wedding preparations have slowed down as I search around for corsets (saw a few online but I think I’ll look here in PJ/KL first and then see if Nil can find some nice ones in France for me) and wait for September to come. September is the month for finalizing album design as well as churning out the last of my invites. In the meantime, I’m just going to concentrate on scouting for cheap/er wedding favours. I reckoned August – as in one entire month – will give me some good results. ^.^

My so-called knitting business has taken off with about five shawls in the queue. @.@ I hope to finish one today or tomorrow and get it set for blocking while I start on the rest. Am still waiting for that cashmere yarn to arrive. I hope it hasn’t gotten stolen or stuck in customs. I’ll totally be a bytch if that happens.

So yeah. Getting boring. Sorrwee.

ps: Looks like gold got outvoted but we’ll see the end result. It could be very different, no? ^.~

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