Running around.

True to form, government bodies just love sending you on a wild goose chase for things that you could have easily done without having to see them first!

There was this trip to Shah Alam where I got the forms and then promptly got told that I need to go to a court to get a chop from the CoO (Commissioner of Oath). Luckily for me, I live nearby the Magistrates and Sessions Court, so after making a few calls, off me and Nil went to the courthouse. Got my chop for free (YAY!) and on Monday, it’ll be another trip to the JPN office in Shah Alam.

Best part about the whole thing? When asked as to how sure it would be that I could get my special license approved, I get the “Why do you have so many questions” look and a quick “We’ll give you a slip and call you”. Now, what kind of answer is that?

Pfft. I’m going to write an uber long letter explaining why we need that special license and in ENGLISH.


Hm…at least I get to stamp out my frustrations on my red invite envelopes! LOL!

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  1. Wow looks complicated…. all we got was a Bahasa marriage licence. Whats a special licence???( 😯 I hope after all these years hubby and I are legally married) We were both Canadians at time of marriage , would it have made a difference???

  2. Rom: Special license here basically means that instead of waiting 21 days (in which they put up a notice on a board to see if anyone has an objection), they waive it and you can get married after waiting 7 days.

    You can get an English version of your marriage license now. I’d need two original copies – one for the embassy and one for myself. $$$$$$!!!!

  3. See….told u, didn’t I? And despite u asking so many times, they still screw up… comments there. :yawn:

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