The Rings


Sizes: 22 for Nil; 15.5 for me
Specs: White gold plus a 0.91 carat diamond
Location: Wah Chan, Section 14
Cost: RM1305 per pair

Now, it’s not the best there is out there but really, do you need a GREAT diamond ring to know how much your partner loves you OR how wonderful this new journey is going to be?

Besides, right now, my main concern is staying within the budget and making things work even though we’re tight on cash. I’m starting my marriage off the way my parents did with theirs (Dad had nothing, seriously, when he got hitched and look at them today!) and I have decided (not just hoped) to make things work no matter what it takes.

So yes, every woman would love to have a huge-ass diamond ring but that’s just what it is – a desire NOT a need.


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