White Whispers

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White Whispers
Pattern | Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style (Interweave Press)
Yarn | Jaegerspun Zephyr in White (approx 600 yards)
Needles | 4.5mm + 8mm circulars (very loose cast off)
Modifications | Gold and silver beads

(Apologies for the pics. Nil has this habit of snapping pictures when I’m moving or just fooling around.)

Having familiarised myself with the Shetland Triangle pattern, I had opted to knit my own heirloom shawl, complete with some beading and a little bit of luxury woven into the yarn itself. Jaegerspun is 50% merino and 50% silk hence the sheen on the yarn when examined upon closely. I love knitting with this even though it maybe slippery at times! Utterly addictive really!

Now, I went a bit nuts while blocking this simply because it was early, I was tired, blah, blah, but was pleasantly surprised to see how large it grew. Now unlike my other 100% merino/wool laceweight projects, this little baby didn’t exactly scalloped well at some parts of the edging but no matter. The gentle curved edges works just nicely with everything, especially considering that the rings are also slightly curved. ^.^

Hm…I wonder if the bridal studio will allow me to take some of my pictures with this little baby!

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  1. Oh my, I haven’t been to your blog for so long and I totally missed out on this project. It looks great! Hope everything is turning/turns out fine for the wedding! =)

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