Yarns I want!


If money wasn’t an issue, I would drown myself in these skeins. Unfortunately it is, so I can only drool in front of my pc, ask for quotes, feign a heart attack at the sight of the price quoted and be happy with just that.

Sundara Yarn – Silk Lace (from sundarayarn.com)

Sundara’s babies are one-of-a-kind and gorgeously handdyed. I don’t know how she manages alone but the work she churns out is just yummy. I have been observing her and she has gone from sock yarn (what she is known) for to other things – aran or worsted weight and this: silk lace. These babies are worth a whooping USD65 per skein (100% silk at 1000 yards). I haven’t exactly found out the cost of the shipping but the price is enough to deter me.

Handmaiden Seasilk (pic by elisamatic)

This is perhaps what most knitters dream about! A hank of seasilk. Prices fluctuate around the USD35 mark per skein (600+ yards of 70% silk, 30% seacell) depending on the retailer. I found some good stores on ebay as well as Ravelry.com and the rest of the Net. The trouble is that together with the shipping and all, well, lets just say that USD50 for ONE skein is a bit steep…for now. *sigh*

2 ply handpainted silk by Piece of Beauty (pic by knittingpea)

I’ve been waiting for ages for her to open her shop and when she finally did, I took a look-see and fell hard…particularly for the 100% 2 ply silk hank. For a hank of yummy handpainted 656 yards of silky lace, you’ll have to fork out &#163 16 and shipping is around &#163 2.5 unless you live somewhere else other than Malaysia. I’m still contemplating on getting this in the Pink Beach colourway – to go with my dinner dress next year. Nil went “WHAT?!????”, coughed and sputtered when I told him about it. So I guess “Only in my dreams.”

Aiii…all these yummilicious yarns…so unattainable.


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