UPDATE: White Whispers

I couldn’t exactly concentrate on just knitting alone since the past few weeks have seen me going from free to super busy, and jobless to now-employed. I started White Whispers a few weeks back with the intention of using this for my RoM this year. Once we get the paperwork done, it’s off to the Registrar to sign the dotted line.

Beady white goodness

Right now, I’m at the 9th (or was it the 8th) repeat of the pattern and chugging along oh-so-slowly but dilligently towards the finish line. I’ve changed a little of the beading style, choosing use beads up to a certain row, omit them altogether and inserting them again for the edging (which I have yet to finalize). So really, this is a work and idea that is constantly in progress and renovation.

I am aiming to finish this by end of June so…yeah, better get back to knitting. ^.^

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