Great surprises!


SP10 goodies! OMIGOD!

Remember how I said that my SP10 spoiler sent me some gorgeous things? Well, specifically she got me some Regia sock yarn and yummy sweet stuff! I haven’t tried the candies but those cute heart things have piqued my interest. They just look absolutely gorgeous. (We don’t get that kind of stuff here, btw, SP!)

Oh, did I say that the postcard is a great shocker and pick-me-up???? Every time I look at it, I smile…and it’s the “I’m silly and I don’t care” type.


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  1. lollies.. yum 😛
    off topic but, taking cue from ur candy wrapper… I can’t get used to calling them “Love Hearts”… y’know, instead of just saying draw “hearts”, they say draw “love hearts”. :unsure:

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