Need to knit faster.

I have neglected my knitting upon the start of my new job and Nil’s arrival – although he would say otherwise. It would appear that I have two obsessions – knitting and plucking pimples. Geh. My obsession with knitting comes together with an inherent obsession for yarn and that I have heaps. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m about to add to it but never mind that.

You see, I have a bigger problem than my bank account (which can easily be stabilized, y’know). I just realized that I have a few WIPs (work-in-progress) – more than I care to have really – and that I am about to add more to them…I think.

It can get overwhelming and to be honest, rather annoying. So lets see…I have the following on hibernation mode while working on White Whispers (my wedding shawl):

  • Les Bleus (socks)
  • Heathery Pink Ivy (wrap-around cardigan)
  • Earth Tone (OSW)
  • (I’ve) Got the Blues (Flower Basker Shawl)

And have just added the following to my queue on

Hm. I really ought to knit faster. Maybe I should bring my knitting to the cinema tomorrow. Geh.

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  1. Hello there, how are you doing? Just checking in to see if you’ve received my e-mail? Hope you’re having a good day!

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