It’s soon.


These days, I have been quite pre-occupied with preparations for the RoM, the dinner and the photo shoot.

The RoM submission forms will be on Monday, the gown fitting for the photo shoot will be on Wednesday and I’m still waiting for that darn paper puncher from ebay. Oh, and my registration will, hopefully, be 10/7/07 or 11/7/07…all depends on what happens at JPN.

Anyway, just in case I forgot to mention, Lasposa (over at Bangsar) is my bridal boutique for the photo shoot. Invoice was signed and deposit paid. This boutique is expensive but Nil and I think it’s worth a shot. So when is the shoot? Well, it’s in two weeks’ time.

Yes. It’s soon.

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First the envelopes…

My dinner invites - envelope

So far, I have 70 envelopes – all blown dry with the aide of Mum’s ancient hairdryer for at least a good minute or so. Add in the ever trusty gold marker pen and I have the sample envelope all set! Now to see if it is 100% dried by tomorrow morning.

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Running around.

True to form, government bodies just love sending you on a wild goose chase for things that you could have easily done without having to see them first!

There was this trip to Shah Alam where I got the forms and then promptly got told that I need to go to a court to get a chop from the CoO (Commissioner of Oath). Luckily for me, I live nearby the Magistrates and Sessions Court, so after making a few calls, off me and Nil went to the courthouse. Got my chop for free (YAY!) and on Monday, it’ll be another trip to the JPN office in Shah Alam.

Best part about the whole thing? When asked as to how sure it would be that I could get my special license approved, I get the “Why do you have so many questions” look and a quick “We’ll give you a slip and call you”. Now, what kind of answer is that?

Pfft. I’m going to write an uber long letter explaining why we need that special license and in ENGLISH.


Hm…at least I get to stamp out my frustrations on my red invite envelopes! LOL!

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The Rings


Sizes: 22 for Nil; 15.5 for me
Specs: White gold plus a 0.91 carat diamond
Location: Wah Chan, Section 14
Cost: RM1305 per pair

Now, it’s not the best there is out there but really, do you need a GREAT diamond ring to know how much your partner loves you OR how wonderful this new journey is going to be?

Besides, right now, my main concern is staying within the budget and making things work even though we’re tight on cash. I’m starting my marriage off the way my parents did with theirs (Dad had nothing, seriously, when he got hitched and look at them today!) and I have decided (not just hoped) to make things work no matter what it takes.

So yes, every woman would love to have a huge-ass diamond ring but that’s just what it is – a desire NOT a need.


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The Invites

dinner_front dinner_back

Here is what I have so far sans the DL-sized envelope and the announcement cards (for Nil’s side). I’m still in the middle of scouting for the perfect gold cardstock and Chiyogami paper that is affordable. Hopefully my trip down to Pudu will yield some good results.

These little babies are going off to the in-laws and my parents for a quick check-through to see if they like the design and colours. Also it looks like I won’t be using any red stuff at all – my envelopes and announcement cards will probably be in ivory and gold. Still okay, I think.

Oh, do note that the venue (and indirectly date) is not really confirmed 100% since we have to check with the restaurant to see if it’s fully booked. This is, after all, just a template.


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White Whispers

rom_essemble rom_essemble_back

White Whispers
Pattern | Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style (Interweave Press)
Yarn | Jaegerspun Zephyr in White (approx 600 yards)
Needles | 4.5mm + 8mm circulars (very loose cast off)
Modifications | Gold and silver beads

(Apologies for the pics. Nil has this habit of snapping pictures when I’m moving or just fooling around.)

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“Double happiness”


Raw cost:

  • Double happiness paper puncher: USD11.51 (plus shipping)
  • Paper stock: RM4.00 (card, backing and vellum)
  • Cherry blossom sheet(s): RM10.80 per piece

Location: Papier at The Curve and

That will be the theme of the wedding…or rather, what’s left of the wedding anyway. I know, I know – it’s all oh-so-cheesy but it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

A trip to The Curve yielded some trial sheets for the invites and somehow gut instinct told me to go with something Asian yet Western. Stock there is pretty expensive so I’ll need to scout around for cheaper alternatives – the local art shop nearby will do just fine, I think.

I reckon I’ll be settling for a one-piece invite with some cherry-blossom trimming on one side, vellum + backing on the other (with the message) and some embellishments in the form of gold fasteners and a punched out hei or double happiness (DH).

As for the envelopes (red is the way to go), I’m hoping to either use a wax seal (yes, I found some available with the DH character) and/or rubber stamp with some embossing powder.

Now if only Nil can pick a date for the dinner!

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