Ravelry here I come!

Ravelry here I come!

Omigod, I finally got invited to Ravelry and boy o’ boy is it nifty!

You can put up a pictorial inventory of your needles, yarn (affectionately known as “stash” ) and even projects!!!! I have yet to explore the other functions but so far, I like what I see in there. Just need to take more pictures now…*kekeke* Talk about taking knitting organization to the next level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Btw, if you have signed up for an invite, please be patient. Ravelry is run solely by TWO people and they have about 4500 invites to send out.

And look at what some stash re-organization churned out…

Manos del Uruguay yarn Cherry Tree Hill superwash Brown Sirdar Town and Country 4 ply sock yarn Jaggerspun Zephyr Bergere de France Barroise Bergere de France Bergerama Some unknown Anny Blatt skeins

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