Mail sweet mail!

Look at what the postman delivered today!

yarn_kessa_red yarn_kessa_green yarn_trekkingXXL yarn_austermann_step yarn_lornalaces_shepsock

Top to bottom: Cherrywood and Forbidden Forest from The Singing Yarn by Kessa, Trekking XXL, Austermann Step and some Lorna Laces.

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  1. Michelle: I got them off the site! Can’t remember the price coz I bought several other yarns from the same lady as well. But I think it was the same price or cheaper. Maryann from LSK (Little Sesame Knits) gave me a recommendation for some LL stockist from ebay. Buzz me over MSN and I’ll drop you the link ya?

  2. AHHHH wommmaannn!!
    stoopppp buyyiinnggg yaaarrrnnnsss

    reeesssiisssttsss alll tteeemmmppttaattiionnss!


    haha. But her yarns are nice. Planning to get a couple. Am going to knit a tie round belt. It’s simple one la. No hoo ha. Alos planning to make a cardigan…those half ones. What are they called?

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