Finally sunk in.

My bridezilla moment finally came last night when I frightened off Nil by promptly bursting into tears halfway during our discussion about one very recent purchase of our wedding bands. Sorry no pictures. We had to get them custom-made because they didn’t have the band in our ring size. Plus I’m still waiting for my Moto MPT cd/software to arrive.

Now that I look at it, the superficial issue was really nothing but weird. All my life, I have associated the value of love in a marriage, the importance of love with the cost of one simple object – a wedding band. Somehow I know of a lot of couples who splurge on their wedding bands simply because it seemed only natural to do – the whole “wearing it every day till I die” thing.

So when it came to my turn, I was a little tad disappointed to discover that the total cost of our wedding bands put together came up to less than what was “normal” or so I thought. The funny thing is this: I was excited throughout the whole process (hell, it was the only thing I could talk about for days!)…I was the one picked it out, y’know! Nil laughed when I mentioned, “I really like the ring, it’s nice…I just wish it was more expensive” and said that I was weird. Well, I still wish it was more expensive but I’m warming up to the idea. I might even take my other ring for re-plating and stack it together with my wedding band. *beams*

But later on, I wasn’t so weird…as a matter of fact, I was freaking out. I am the kind of person who goes through a death in the family and not shed a tear until AFTER the funeral. I am the kind of person who makes a decision, an impulsive one, and then regrets it like a few days after the whole act. It takes time for things to sink in for me and when it does, it is like going “OMIGOD! WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

Last night was it. The whole going-to-the-embassy, answering questions like “Would you like to have a pre-nup?”, picking rings, my mother referring to Nil as “my son-in-law”…all of it! I wonder how people ever make the transition ever so smoothly. Me? I freak out like there is no tomorrow…and worse, I had to go tell Nil. Well, actually, that’s my policy. I don’t believe in hiding my feelings from my partner. So you can imagine what the good ole’ future hubby thought of the whole thing.

Aiiii…. Gotta get used to the idea. I just gotta. By the way, a word on the food poisoning thing. I finally went to see a doc and promptly got a nice lecture about how I shouldn’t self-medicate and wait this long to go see him. Now, it’ll take me four days to recover. Bah.

Will try to put up pictures of knitting and/or wedding stuff soon…am working on a pair of socks for Nil. Les Bleus will be given to my mum as a belated birthday present since it fits her well enough. Yay!

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  1. Take it easy… :hug:
    It will get better really soon…all the changes happening around us sometimes scare us and may seem like too much to handle.
    Having a understanding partner (which I’m sure Nil is!) will go a long way… :love:

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