Food poisoning.

The worst ever.

Lunch on Tuesday at a regular chicken roost (with its famous muffin) at Midvalley saw me and a couple of friends chomping down on some stale coleslaw and very bad, limpy looking fresh salad. That night, I went through the motions of the worst ever episode of food poisoning since the beginning of this year.

Fast forward to today and guess what? I’m still nursing a weak gastrointestinal system and am making regular trips to the loo. NEVER EVER again, I tell you!

Hell, right now, I suspect the chicken might be bad too! =.=

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  1. Poor you! Take some charcoal pills to help with the dehydration after the many trips to the loo. Hope you’ll be up and about soon :hug:

  2. sorry to hear , you have been unwelll , get well soon. Could be salmonella if it lasted this long 🙁

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