Running about.

A trip to the French Embassy churned out the following information:

  • It takes about one month to get a Single Status Letter required by JPN for marriages.
  • In order to get that letter, you and your partner will need to go for a medical check-up.
  • Non-Frenchies will have to get their birth certificates and IC translated.
  • The Single Status Letter will need to be translated into English for JPN.
  • Upon getting married, the French authorities require a copy of the certificate (original) and translated.

In total, I’ll be looking at making at least five trips to the Embassy. I won’t even start on how much the whole endeavour will cost.


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  1. I been through the similar process, but what I find something strange, I never required medical check for single status certificate and it took less than a month.
    Mei, when you translate all necessary document, be make sure you make into double copies and keep one of it for yourself in event you coming to France. In some administration, they keep the original translated copy with endorsement from French Embassy. ALl these cost a lot I remember.

  2. Zona: Yeah…luckily his visa/entry is valid for 90 days. We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks. šŸ™‚

    Simmie: Don’t think so. We went to see the lady in charge of marriages at the Consul division and she didn’t mention anything about an interview since the “primary” marriage stuff is going to be under M’sian govvy.

    Natasha: It could be a new law thingie. When I went for the medical today, it was mostly for me – Nil just got away with a BP. I had to do all sorts of tests for things like rubella, HIV, blah, blah. Even the doctor was cracking jokes about it.

    Yeah, I’ll definitely have to remember to make copies of EVERYTHING. It costs me RM70 to translate just ONE damn document. =.=

    Muffin: Surprisingly, the lady was very nice! šŸ™‚ Haven’t seen anyone from JPN yet so…*keeps fingers crossed*

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