The Dress.


Size: 5 (Japan) or after conversion, 6 (Australia), XS (US named sizes)
Spec(s): Satin
Location: East India Company, Metrojaya, Midvalley Megamall
Cost: RM179

I thought that since I lost a bit of weight, I might as well brave the waters and go out dress shopping. Turns out that I lost a dress size (and more depending on the cutting) while I was at it. OMIGOD.


Anyway, after going to about seven different stores, trying on about ten (and more) different dresses, I went ahead and got something a little unconventional yet reuseable for dinners and parties. So that meant a few things – definitely nothing long and preferable something other than white. I also had to keep in mind that I already have some shoes for the ocassion. To complete the look, I threw in a shrug that I got two years ago for Chinese New Year because the neckline is a bit low for our “conservative” government office. Or should I go for a shawl? (But I’ll have to drape it over the front though…heh.)


I did break a rule here and there by trying on this very nice tube lace number (which ended up sweeping the floor) done by Phenomal. The outcome was pleasantly surprising. The price is a bit on the heavy side but considering the material…o’well…maybe I’ll munch on this for a little longer. It would look better for the Dinner but we’ll see.

Now to go worry about other stuff! ^.^

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  1. Oh lovely lovely, may I suggest better with white/light beige shawl, which I feel it look more elegant.

  2. Natasha: I thought of a shawl(two toned white/gold) too but since the ROM will be at JPN and no low neckline stuff…a shrug with a simple pin in the front was better unless I drape the shawl over the front instead of the back. Hmmmm.

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