Pre-wedding jitterbugs.

I don’t know about those married ones out there but all this wedding business is really driving me nuts. It’s bad enough that I get awfully grumpy when it’s hot and when I’m PMS-ing which seems forever because the stress screws up my biological clock bigtime when it comes to my monthly visits…

And I really don’t know how to get over this stupid jitterbug short of throwing a tantrum and fit!

I feel sorry for Nil every time I talk to him because I go through some really violent mood swings; I can move from lovey-dovey to “I want to kick you in the balls because you piss me off!!!!!!1” within a few minutes. I know he suspects that it’s partially due to the weight loss (tea + Reductil = funness…not) but I don’t think it’s that.

Truth be told, I am nervous…scared even. Dad has been prepping me about starting off my new role as someone’s wife but that isn’t exactly helpful in my case. Best part about the whole thing? I don’t even know what exactly I’m afraid of. Anything and everything just sets me off.

Maybe I just need to stop thinking about it.


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  1. I know how you feel. When I was engaged (long story), I felt exactly like that. Take a deep breath…you’ll be ok *hugs*

  2. Maybe you’re just worried. Not without good reasons, though. Wedding is like, a passage into a new life. I’m sure everything will turn out well. Just have faith in him and trust that everything will turn out fine. :flower:

  3. :hug: maybe a change of perception’s needed? (like in the jitterbug link u posted) remind urself what’s more important to you – the wedding party/reception or your love for each other?

    btw, found this today… groomzilla!! hehehe…

  4. Kessa: Yeah…need to focus, focus. All this stress is bad. I have pimples popping up everywhere! ARGH! :furious:

    Zona: I think I just need a holiday away from everyone…excluding Nil, of course. *kekeke* Nil has been taking this very well, and I don’t know how he does it. I need to stop stressing out. Haven’t had this many pimples since puberty, man. ARGH! :furious:

  5. Take a chill pill… :dance:
    I’m going thru the same thing and sometimes drive my fiance CRAZY with my mood swings…
    I guess wedding is a big deal to us gals and we tend to take it too seriously and not enjoy the planning like we should.
    So right now…I’m just taking it easy…and I stop to enjoy the moment every now and then…after all…it is my wedding! :love:

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