The wedding band.

Since Nil is coming down soon, I thought it would be nice to get back into the wedding prep mood after a bout of potholes and not-so-fun wedding-related stuff.

I know a lot of people out there don’t wear their wedding rings simply because after a certain period of time (and wear & tear), the wedding ring will almost definitely require polishing of some sort which costs quite a nice sum and thins the ring itself. If your wedding band has a bling-bling (read: diamonds), it’ll probably attract some fair bit of attention and I don’t mean the pleasant shock and gasp type. So, after scouting around and doing much research (I guess it’ll just have to be me since men don’t know much about jewelery except the price), I thought it would be nice to get platinum rings.

Platinum is harder, resistant to daily wear & tear, and is much more durable compared to pure gold and/or silver, requiring less polishing. However, one downside to this is that because it’s harder in terms of “bendable” and crafting qualities, platinum rings tend to be simple and plain.

Trouble is…which design?

The very simple look…
wedding band_a wedding band_g wedding band_j wedding band_k
…or the braided rope/knot look to symbolize oneness and continuity…
wedding band_b wedding band_h wedding band_i wedding band_d

And next thing: do jewellers here do custom-made rings and how much damage would that result in?

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  1. It expensive custom made,very much depend on the complexity of design and as well material(platinum, whitegold, gold, etc). It need take some time as because it need to create mould for your custom made design.

  2. Mine is like the very first one top-except the indents were yellow gold– cos I’m Chinese and hes angmoh mah, but for the wedding I had a double ring -the bling bling one too so I dont have to worry about losing diamonds.
    I like the two toned rope braid too but then I’m biased :D:
    Good luck with your choice..ultimately its what looks good on your fingers.Have fun :thumbsup:

  3. I’d personally go for the knot. Something a tad different from the ordinary no? Plus, it symbolises the intertwined lives of 2 individuals into one. :D:

  4. Hi! been a lurker of your site for a while and just wanted to say I’m glad for you. By the way, ring bands with groves and twists tend to look ‘dirty’ after some wear unless you’re diligent about soaking and cleaning it with a metal cleaner. They’re so convenient these days.

  5. I don’t know about you Mei but I always believe in simplicity. I like the 1st one on the top row. 🙂

  6. Natasha: Yeah…was thinking about it more today and I reckon it’d be better to save the money for other things and go for something more “common”.

    Rom: :D: …dunno if can find those braided types to try on finger! 😛

    piggy: Yeah…the knot is symbolic but if it’s gonna cost a bomb, uh, no thanks! XD

    Sally: I had no idea…thanks for the tip! Hm…looks like one more reason to get a simple band. XD

    muffin: I just might…when Nil comes down! I wonder if their rings are expensive though.

    ling & dee: Yeah…looks like it’ll be simple stuff then! XD

  7. They are not that enpensive actually…i got mine from there…was a simple platinum and gold band…cause the design in simple, very little maintainance is needed…
    Plus they provide you free cleaning service for life!

  8. Simple ones range from RM500 – RM1000 a piece…depending on the design. I actually got 2 –
    1) A diamond set on platinum – 3k +
    2) A plain band – gold on platinum – RM600
    Not too bad eh?

  9. mei

    Just some more information to give you a bigger headache:

    white gold fades and require constant re-plating in white…which may cost ££ in the long run.My friend’s faded within the year. And if you got one with a matt finish, it tends to scratch off too,requiring repolishing.

    yellow gold is more durable and do not require re-dipping often = lower cost.However, the matt surface would also scratch off therefore requiring repolishing.

    Most shops will clean the rings for you free if you bought it from them.I know Tiffany’s & Carat Club only clean their own rings,but believe that Poh Kong ect cleans for anyone that asks.Otherwise you can just buy the jewelry cleaning machine like I did – I like my blings sparkly 😉

    Platinum is the only metal that does not ‘thin’ out with cleaning and repolishing.The metal simply gets redistributed elsewhere.But it does cost a bomb. I believe that there are platinum bands available for less than RM1000, but they would be lighter and thinner as well…but platinum nontheless.

    Hope I’ve helped and not further confused you ;).For me, the rings were the most expensive item I spent on my wedding – its the one thing that I will be wearing with me for the rest of my life, so I chose something really pocket draining.

  10. Muffin: Ohyeah…nice price. :clap:

    Sourrain: Actually, no headache or confusion there! That was very useful stuff! Thanks heaps! I saw some nice ones at Goldheart – platinum, that is – and going for around 1.4K min…didn’t look too thin to me. XD

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