UPDATE: Les Bleus


After a night of headaches (from the heat and short row heel confusion), I’m happy to finally reveal that I’m working on the leg of the sock now. Should I got for the typical rib or something more fancy like Andalusian, Tunic or Double Seed Stitch?


The short row heel is holeless thanks to Misocrafty’s version of the wrapped short row. It was a little difficult to manouver the stitches but worth the effort!!!!


The funny thing is that this is supposed to fit Nil who is a size 8/8.5 but looking at the pic, it would appear that it’s more suitable for me. O’well…if he can’t wear it, I might as well keep this for myself!


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  1. Eh this is nice!!!
    Your knitting is becoming better and better.
    okla, when I have a kid, I’ll email you (even if you are at the other end of the world) and you can knit me a baby suit. :hyper:





  2. ling…i can totally understand! 😛 so guess i can also muka tebal and ask for a baby suit is it? lol :nyeh:

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