Five things.

Since I got tagged, rare thing usually since memes don’t seem very popular anymore, by Piggy

Five things found in my bag: Purse, mobile phone, umbrella (yes, I can squeeze in a hand umbrella!!!!), mints, and some lip balm.

Five things found in my purse: Money (the kind that jingles and the other that folds), organ donor card, book receipts, cards (ATM and credit card), and a copy of my IC + driving license.

Five favourite things in my room: My bed complete with two pillows, a bolster and a very old IKEA quilt, book shelf, dried bouquets of roses (given by Nil), and my deco shelf (complete with blue squiggle vases from IKEA, photo frames and scented candles) on walls that I painted all on my own.

Five things I always wanted to do: (In no order whatsoever) Travel, have a family, publish some book(s), pick up another language (other than French) and work abroad for a few years at least.

Five things I’m currently into: Sock knitting, sock yarn, revisiting old CSI episodes, wedding preparations and losing weight!

Five people I tag: Nobody really. If you want to do this…just do it, I suppose!

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