Yarn woes.


I could talk about my progress with Ivy which is doing alright considering that I’ve just started knitting seriously again. Been delaying it because of the room and other stuff like my last day at work yesterday. But I just want to rant…please.

Y’know…one thing awful about being stuck in South-East Asia as a knitter is this: I cannot get any damn decent sock yarn without burning a hole in my pocket. Shipping is almost always a bomb, even though the exchange rate recently dipped to USD1 = RM3.38, and the only sock yarn I ever get here that is affordable is from Sirdar (no offense). No Koigu, Lorna’s Laces, Yarn Pirate, Sweet Georgia or Claudia‘s goodies.


Heartache mode really. Should I even attempt to dye my own sock yarn?

So tell me, how does one find alternatives or a way of getting these little beauties without dying in the process?

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  1. [There are yarn stores around but…your $$$ will come flying out very easily because of the hefty prices.]

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