The bed is done!

A semi-panoramic view of the finished work!

I really would have called it a day but I was bored and napping wasn’t really in the cards. So I whipped out some measuring tape and started taking down measurements for everything that needed a covering of some sort. Then I realized that I needed a snapshot of the furniture to do a colour comparison. Yes, I am nuts in that sense. So PDA and camera phone came in handy…REALLY handy.

My shopping list:

  • Another table lamp
  • Flowers (I replaced with potpourri for practical reasons)
  • Curtains
  • Laundry basket
  • Queen-sized quilt set
  • Queen-sized fitted sheet + two pillowcases (same colour)
  • Two pillows
  • One queen-sized quilt
  • Placemats for two bedside tables, dressing table and display top

It was strange, going shopping in IKEA alone when almost everyone there is part of a couple or a family. That aside, it really is a bad idea because if you end up buying a ton of stuff like me, lugging it to the car is a feat. =.= That aside, I am well within my budget and have extra to spend for the workroom! Need to get a computer table and if possible, a proper chair.

The deceptively satiny cotton sheets.

And a lot of people do have a bad habit of staring.

I got stared at while buying placemats because I had whipped out my PDA to look at measurements. Another time was when I was buying the linen – I needed to see if the colours I picked complimented each other so I had taken the quilt set and placed it right next to the sample fitted sheet…every single one of them. Then at the marketplace, I got stared at again! All because I flipped out my phone to take pictures of the computer table that I was thinking of getting. Hai.

Anyway, by the time I got home and got everything set up (the curtains needed hemming and even then I did a botched job!), it was close to midnight. Heh. Can’t believe I just spent an entire day tinkering around with this bridal room of mine.

I think I’ll go knock out now. Soooo tireddd…..

Simple embroidered flowers.

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  1. Such a tempting bed. And I esp. love the starfish motives. A suggestion if I may. Go get the pillow covers embroidered with his and your initials in a corner or the side of the pillow.

    [Oh…interesting idea! πŸ™‚ ]

  2. very nice leh….looks so cosy and comfortable

    [KEKEKEKE…I wouldn’t know actually. Haven’t slept in it yet. LOL.]

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