C’est fini!

What a pile!!!!

At 1200 hours, my bro’s final box of junk joined the heap at the living room. And no, I will not be delivering the entire pile. It just won’t fit into my car and Dad did have a point – “It’s not even important or precious junk. So why make gawd knows how many trips just to dump everything at his place? Get him to pick it up.”

Btw, the pic excludes the pile we had to give away or trash!


So, now that is done – and half of my things are already packed (that’s why I’m blogging only now!) – I just have to move my toiletteries, get new bedlinen (plus some curtains), the computer table and that’s it.

…okay…so what am I going to do for the next few weeks until Nil comes?

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  1. go khamdar in KL and get some nice ready made curtains… 😀 go SoGo and get some nice bedlinens 😀

    [Ooooo…thanks for the tip! I just bought the 1st set but will definitely go check it out some time soon. ^.^ ]

  2. Hello! You’ve clearly been busy… I just wondered if you had received the e-mail I sent you? I sent it through the contact page here.

    Have a nice day!


    [I did and replied too…but maybe I made a booboo with the email! *sheepish* ]

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