Oh the stress.

It’s piling up…and I’m not happy. It’s frustrating, the answers I get. At this rate, I’ll lose weight irregardless of whether I diet or exercise.

…”So who do you want to invite?”
Their answer: “Aiya, your dinner not so soon. Wait till Nil come down first la.”

…”Thinking of having the dinner reception at a restaurant.”
Their answer: “Aiya, no need la. Just have it at home. Book the whole street and get a caterer.”

…”Thinking of moving out to stay on our own. Can always buy a place.”
Their answer: “What for? You’re not going to stay here forever. No need to buy. Waste money.”

…”Well, then rent lor.”
Their answer: “Instead of giving someone else 1K, you might as well stay with me and give me that 1K. By the way, when you get married already, you better give me some money ar, especially when I retire.”

…”Urm…but it’s not nice…need some privacy mah.”
Their answer: “What privacy? Your room not private enough ar?”

…”Do you think this dress is nice for the registration ar? I think it’s a bit OTT la. Not quite what I had in mind.”
Their answer: “NO LA. It’s nice. Wear la. No need to buy new dress…but you better lose weight lor. Look so fat and so no nice.”


I honestly don’t understand why some people in my family get away with help, RM20K and not paying a single cent these days while I have to do the exact opposite.

So stressed out and Nil isn’t even here yet.


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  1. lol… that’s classic! I can relate to a couple of the things you listed.. I feel your pain but at the same time, it’s funny.. well, dark humour funny.

    Ah.. the trials and tribulations of being Asian and female!

    But on the more serious note, it truly sucks that the sons get away with it, while the daughters get the added financial family stress. It’s not fair.

    Good luck with the wedding and the stresses that come with it!!

    [I know! Even when I look back now, I find it “bad” funny. Do you know that my mum keeps bugging me about telling Nil to pay her the “dowry”? And to think, my bro actually had it easy with just 10 tables to his in-laws. Bah.]

  2. I know what you mean, I almost cancel my wedding due to all the conflict that happen before the wedding.

    I was so stress out when I had my wedding, I lost almost 10kg from size L to S, my wedding dress have been alter until the day before.

    By the way, my parent do make my husband pay dowry 3k and 10 table (1 k each), it supposed to be a small wedding but it get out of hand, end up with 400 guests.

    we were so nervous when we walk down the ballroom, not because of the people, is..we don’t even know whether we have enough money to pay the bill. Lucky, the engpow money we received is enough with some extra as well.

    So don’t be so hard on yourself, take it easy, just do whatever you think is right. you can always deal with the moving out issue after the wedding. Don’t worry about the weight, with all the stress, the weight wouldn’t hold long.

    [OMIGOD. 400 PEOPLE????? 😯 Right now, we have about less than 50…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. *sigh* See how it goes lor. I’m trying to tackle one thing at a time before I go nuts!!!!]

  3. OMG this wedding talk is actually scary! Oh boy I had no idea it was like this. Good luck to ya babe!

    [Thankies thankies! Yeah…it’s quite…bleh. Half of it is fun though – that I cannot deny.]

  4. OMG my wedding all over again… lucky hubby (angmoh) paid for everything.The “fat” thing and the” give me money for retirement” was my mother. My sister got away with everything plus plus. ” Aiyah how to take dowry ..paiseh mah– ( Ha!!! BIL was Chinese how come no dowry)All the wedding guests were mum’s friends. Did you get this too???= Now you marry angmoh, you should send money back so we save for you in case your marriage didnt work out???? I lost control of my wedding arrangements and believe me I do regeret very much. ( aiyoh that restaurant too western for my friends, the page boy dont like that outfit.. he wants it changed so he can wear to school after, brides maid said she wants the dress to be smaller and prefers a different flower , flower girls cannot come for rehearsal .. little bit sool outside can get sick GROOOAN … night before I ended up in emerg. in hives!!!

    My advice is, its your wedding , your life, YOUR day….do it the way you want.All the best.

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    [OMIGOD… So far, my mum just says she wants to invite close relatives; she wants to keep the whole thing small (I think coz my dad wants it that way!). And yes, I got that same dribble about “saving for you in case your marriage don’t work out”. Geh. *sighs* Sometimes I wonder who is getting married? Our parents or us?]

  5. Eeeks Wedding that scary ah ? 😐 Wonder what will mine be like, since punjabi weddings are known for a week long celebrations hehehehe

    [Good luck to you la! 😆 ]

  6. haha!! dun stress too much la – it’s just the beginning. your parents will feel it soon enough n dont worry abt ur guest list either. watch it carefully as it will suddenly grow!! lol 😛 enjoy it – this is the time that once the reception is over, you’ll be looking back n laughing abt it. 😆

    [:lol: Well, I hope so. Must tell myself this over and over again. Aiiii.]

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