Clearing out the room.


It would appear that I’ll still continue living with my parents after my marriage until Nil finds a job (and not forever!) so I had taken the task of clearing out the master bedroom which once was my brother’s marital room. He has since moved to a house of his own. Nevertheless, his things are still in the cupboards and clearing them out, I just realised, will not be easy. Looks can be deceiving…REALLY deceiving.

So far, I have dug out items bought as gifts for them (but never used), soap, toiletteries, condoms (heh), clothes, undies, jackets, belts, lighter, harmonica, fishing equipment, books, insurance policies, and believe it or not, money.

Anyway, I’ll be moving my things there and my room will be converted into a workroom which means that some of the old furniture can go! YAY! So lets see, I’ll need some simple, budget-y purchases from IKEA such as computer table, chair, bedlinen, pillows & quilt, filing cabinet, wardrobe stuff and lights.

Of course, I’ll need to move the furniture around and get some new drapes/curtains but I got that a while back when I made some quilt-related purchases last year. Can’t wait till I get everything done!!!

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