Contest #4: My still unused yarn(s)


Delicious woolies balls!

Lana Grossa (unknown type)
Yardage: 150m/50g
Gauge: 24st x 30 rows
Fibre content: 50% Baumwolle 50% Schurwolle
Price: AUD1.29 per ball
Quantity: 7 x dark blue grey; 7 x light blue grey

This is the oldest yarn I have in my stash. I bought it some time around October 2003, just before I returned from my postgraduate studies in Sydney, Australia. I had just picked up knitting then and was always lost in the Lincraft store at Macquarie Centre, a stone’s throw from where I lived (at Durham Close for you Sydney-Epping folks!).

I don’t really know why I made the purchase – 15-16 balls in total (I lost two due to some frogging and scarf a while back) and now am left with just 14 balls – except that the price was a steal and I had thought of knitting a blanket with it. Seriously AUD1.29 for a ball of wool yarn? Impossible!!!!! I probably had looked like an idiot digging around in the sale bin then but what did I care. Best part, I knew nothing about dye lots either so I probably ended up with a few different dye lots.

Soft squishy wool!

Oh, did I mention that I had no idea that these were from Lana Grossa when I bought them? I just realized it when I took the pictures less than a few minutes ago.


Anyway, I still don’t know what to do with these really. It has been lying in my stash box for a while now and frankly, I give it very little though. I know. How bad of me. Hm…maybe I could turn these little beauties into a sweater with contrasting sleeves or something. Any ideas?

What do I do with these?

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  1. How about a pretty lace cardigan for you? An open one… alternate between the dyelots to get even colour distribution? Just a thought!

    [Nah…you don’t have to. Yarn would be better. 😆 I’m shameless. But really, no need for gifts. 🙂 ]

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