My knitting projects have been put on hold for the past few days as I have been busy with my exercise regime and wedding plans (see below). I picked up Ivy again yesterday and am glad to be knitting again. It makes me happy…as silly as that sounds.

My beaded shawl, (I’ve) Got The Blues, is on the backburner as I am aiming to finish as least the back and front piece of Ivy soon. Am thinking of using it for the RoM (Registration of Marriage)…but it’s just a thought. ^.~

My wedding site is slowly coming together with Nil finally passing me his version of “Our Story” but it’s still relatively empty since we have yet to check out the pre-wedding photo packages and so forth. I do have someone in mind for the RoM photography and am hoping that she’ll be able to make it!

On a happy note, I bought my first wedding-related purchase – shoes. Shoe and bag/luggage prices are expected to go up because of the increase in prices of leather goods (and you know how things are naturally in this country) so me and Mum went out (window-) shopping. She came away with a pair of sneakers while I bought two pairs of shoes – one for work and one to wear during the RoM and/or the pre-wedding photo shoot.

I still find it hard to believe though…me, getting married.

Imagine…my dreams of living life for a few months as an unemployed lady blogger did not materialise at all. Hai. I still find the whole process surreal, to say the least. Cannot say much because of the nature of things at work at the moment but all I’ll say is this: 18% EPF contribution is one heck of pay increase!


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  1. OOoooooooo…nice theme!!! I’m going towards the ALL white background these days. Seems to bring about it a certain sort of freshness. :drool: HHmmm….you very rajin look for themes eh? Where’s your storage site la???

    [Apa storage site??? I just download from the Net lor. 😆 Try this site. But warning, you need time to go through everything. I started from “Most downloaded”.]

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