Going nuts.

So the trip to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri was cancelled simply because I had this gut feeling that it would be pointless for me to go in the first place. I called them instead and thank goodness!

Apparently Nil will need a Single Status letter from the French Embassy here in KL together with his passport and a passport-sized photograph. We will not be able to fill in the forms on our own since the forms will have to be filled in there and then, then put up on this board. Then we’ll have to wait for about three weeks before we can go sign the papers at the RoM. That would be that we’ll be getting hitched earliest middle of June…and no, I still don’t have a damn date.

On his end, I’ll have to show up at the French Embassy twice – once before I sign the papers and again after I sign the papers – and gawd only knows how I’ll be able to cope with the forms which will all be in French. GAH!


I’ve joined a local forum for brides and made up a wedding website for the whole experience (although I’m toying with the idea of migrating everything onto a subdomain here BUT the hyperlink would be oh-so-weird). The forum was a good idea – it was definitely an eyeopener to a lot of things and great for getting more info from other brides-to-be. The website is still under construction simply because I need Nil’s help in getting it set up but the design will be that – it would look nice on the wedding invites that I plan to make for the dinner in 2008.

I have a couple of ideas for the dinner itself, like getting the guests to participate rather than just sit and eat…but I’ll have to discuss this with Nil once he comes although honestly, he probably thinks I’m nuts, planning this early. Can’t be helped since my mum keeps bombarding me with stuff about bridal shoots and weddings plans.

So from between now till the actual RoM, I have heaps of paperwork, bridal studios (studios) to check out and a wedding exhibition to attend.


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  1. hey mei, it is actually possible to bypass the 3 weeks if you don’t have the time. you can apply for exemption from that waiting period if you can show one of you for example lives abroad (and has a ticket back). there’s an extra form, costs RM100 but in our experience worked very well. email me if you need/want to know more. though i guess having him over for longer is just fine by you too!

    [Afraid that option will be out coz he’s going to get a one-way ticket. AIIIIII. But do check your email! I might drop you a note!]

  2. @.@ Boy, that’s a lot of stuff churning around in such a short time! Can’t imagine how you’re handling it all :thumbsup:

    [Not that well…but okay anyway…]

  3. Congrats mei

    a blogger friend of mine went through the whole hassle – just hers was an aust hicom – maybe u could speak to her n iron out the probs that might arise before hand

    coz its gonna be a long procedure


    good luck n take care

    [Ja…me asked her before! *kekekeke*]

  4. hahaha!! told u wad….but glad that u got all the info u need. *phew!*

    [Yes, thankies thankies! Oh, I can ask Jordan of Macvaysia for lots more help too!!!!! ^.~]

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