Entertaining a habit.

At least once a year, I go out and change my phone even when I don’t really have to. I know it’s a bad habit but sometimes it’s just a thought. I have managed to drag this one out to two years now (and still counting) so you could say that I’m getting better at this.

THEN I had to go to ebay.com.my and take a look at this puppy.



Hmmm…so yeah, NOW I am getting the itchy-buy-a-new-phone bug again. =.= Smack me please.

ps: I’ve switched to a new theme (thanks for all the suggestions!) but guess what? You can switch it if you like! Look for “Theme Switcher” at the sidebar and select from the choices in the dropdown menu. ^.^

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  1. We can switch the theme too? EH how? @.@

    Can I steal some of your cute smilies please :flower: ???

    [Yups….see “Theme Switcher” on the sidebar! And sure, it comes as part of a smiley plugin pack.]

  2. i’ve got a good reason to change my phone this time… if you see the photos on my latest blog post, you’ll know why.

    my phone cam suxx! :hyper:

    then again, what can one expect from 1mp?

    [My phone oso sama la. Lets go buy together-gether! 😆 ]

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