About a month to go…

Nil is coming down in around a month’s time…and after that, he’ll no longer be my boyfriend. He’ll be my husband.


Hm. Time to squeeze in some massive and very harmless flirting because in less than two months, it’ll be a sin to do all even (or only just) that.

Yes, I’m evil.


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  1. ooh…getting married in 1 month’s time?? so registering in KL arr?? so you’ll me mrs …?? :clap:

    [Think of a French name. πŸ˜† ]

  2. I’ve been following your blog from the time you met Nil. I can undestand how difficult a long distance relationship can be (I’m in one). Now that you guys are getting married….I’m just so happy for both of you! Congrats! :hyper:

    [Thankies! And good luck with yours!!!!! (How is it going???)]

  3. Oh. Wow! So happy for you, Mei. Will it be a simple wedding or just registering? Wee….wedding bliss… =)

    [Just registering and a dinner…no ceremonies! ^.^]

  4. WOW…congratulations!

    Get well soon btw…saw that the bad flu has caught you!

    ps…would love z shetland triangle pattern :blush:

    [Yes yes yes! It’s coming! πŸ˜† ]

  5. The countdown begins. How are the wedding prep going? Im actually heading back coz my mates getting married to… and she is in a perpetual :stars: .. more so coz hub and her are in Beijing and the wedding is in Ipoh!

    Hope all is well.. πŸ™‚

    [Prep is going slow…almost non-existent actually. =.= ]

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