UPDATE: Tangy Shetland Cones

Edging closer towards that finish line!

Yes, those are one of the many stitch markers I’ve been working on. W00t for holidays!

I know I am crazy about knitting lace but I hadn’t expected to reach the edging and perhaps that finishing line (soon…soon!) in less than what…two weeks?!??? Oooh…that means I can start on the ever popular Flowerbasket Shawl with some really soft Alpaca Cloud soon!



On another note, the weather has been crazy here. Crazy = hot hot and H.O.T!!!!!!!!!1 I’ve resorted to wear strap tops (something which I NEVER do at home unless I’m going to bed) and spraying/misting myself with water just to cool down. Reminds me of when I first came back from Sydney in October four years ago.

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