Sooner than expected.

He’s heading down middle of May but it still hasn’t stopped him from continuing the hunt for that elusive job offer and neither has it stopped me from leaving.

I think I’ll head back to the academia sector although going back to the industry is fine as well. Anywhere but here really. I’ll miss Le Lapin though.

Hm. Shall I pick up my PhD (or MEd instead) plans as well?

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  1. by here you mean Malaysia or *blipblip*?


    I want to quit also….but that’ll be when I have kids cause I want to be house mummy until they are in kindy. Will be long though but I hope my photography has gone up to greater places….i hope.

    [:lol: I’ll be here…for a while. Hm…I’d love to be house mummy as well but that depends on finances. Urk.]

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