Hm. I removed one major category only to replace it with another. This must be a sign. And no, I’m not slacking off at work – am multitasking actually.

So here it is. The beginning of the wedding preparations.

The story is that we are going to keep this simple and no-frills – just a trip to the Registrar of Marriage (ROM) and a dinner the following year for both our families. Usual Chinese weddings have the whole ragging business in the morning followed by the tea ceremony and then finally the dinner but not for me and Nil. My parents (yes!) want us to keep this simple and small. Amazing, no?

But after going over things, I realized that it only seems simple. I have to consider a lot of things namely the paperwork for the ROM, rings, photo shoot (PS), reception dinner (the Dinner) and accessories like cards, gifts and post-wedding cards.


Each section comes with a headache of its own; the worse being the Dinner. You know how Chinese wedding dinners are. So how do you aim to keep that small YET not offend your relatives?

Luckily for me, there is going to be a wedding expo in KL in July where EVERYTHING will be there. So I’ll be marking it down on the calender and I’m going to drag Nil there. I know he hates PSs but I’m not getting married without taking a picture!!!!!! The ROM will be settled tomorrow when I drop by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri to get the forms and more info (as in what Nil would need from his side and so forth – I roughly know this but I want confirmation). Don’t even get me started on the rings, cards and gifts.

You know…getting married looks so much more easier in the movies. Then again, people get divorced faster too.


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  1. wedding preparation are not easy,..unless you hired a wedding planner. I have mine done all by myself…I enjoy it even though is frustrated sometime, I even considered to set up my own business as a wedding planner after my wedding..haha.. My husband hate the whole photo taking thing at first ( he can’t understand why asian have to take pre- wedding picture)..but I found a perfect place to have my picture taken.. is , and my hubby love it..their photo shot are really nature and beautiful, not like other bride house. I’m sure you half will like it..

    [Ooooohhhh…that looks pretty. What is the package like?]

  2. and so IT begins…. 😛 expect hiccups coz those are the things that you’ll both end up talking and laughing about when everything is over n done with. 🙂 remember….confirm AND re-confirm all information gathered from JPN. dont say i didnt warn u arr….. ğŸ˜Ž

    [Yeah, I gave them a call and probably annoyed the heck out of the lady over on the other line. WAKAKAKAK!]

  3. does PS have to be taken before the ROM?? i’m taking mine after :unsure:

    [Mine’s after as well. Need to lose a few pounds first. 😆 ]

  4. :hug:
    Cousy…you are getting hitched!…what a grown up thing to do. Gosh…Does my grandama know? You better invite her! 🙂

    [She doesn’t…none of them know yet coz the dinner will be next year so no need to tell yet la. 😛 ]

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