Stash additions.

Yes, pictures of yarn again. *kekeke*

The December/January additions!

It has been a while since I last flashed my stash. Probably because I haven’t been free enough to do a proper inventory on how much yarn I have lying somewhere in the cupboard. All I can say is that since my trip to Paris (ended up with 12 balls from Bergere, 10 balls of Amy Blatt, 10 balls of some unknown vintage wool, 1 skein of Cherry Tree Hill and 2 skeins of Harrisville Flax & Wool) and parents’ trip to Hong Kong (six balls of baby wool) (see above), I have ended up with enough for a couple more projects.

Knitpick goodies!

It still hasn’t stopped me from being a nut and making more purchases though. Right now, a dear knitter who has been busy churning out projects is being a gem by bringing back some stuff I ordered from Amazon. To keep me occupied with other things on my mind, I dipped my head into the Knitpicks crazy group and ordered a couple of lace-weight yarn. When they arrived, courtesy of Lois, I fell in love instantly. Since the sun is out today despite an entire morning of rain, I decided to show you just how delish they were! The Alpaca Cloud definitely lives up to its reputation of being that soft yarn which you wish was a pillow more than anything else. And Shadow? Ohboy, being made of regular Merino yarn sure didn’t make it regular at all.

Alpaca cloud goodness! Shadow-y softness!

To top everything off, I went to, a little online company selling semiprecious stone chips amongst other beading stuff, to make several stock adjustments to my very very new and hardly opened store. I was not disappointed at all! The package arrived in less than two weeks, all covered in bubble wrapped and individually packed with printed labels. Very neat and organized. What I loved best was the fact that they threw in a simple free gift (because it was my first order – surprise there!) and their invoice was signed with a handwritten scribble saying “Thank you for your order!” Definitely worth a second trip! ^.^

New beading supplies.

Hm…it does look like I’ll be busy for a while, no? ^.^

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  1. oooo nice. They’ve got a good choice

    ps: try …they are not bad as well!

    [OOOOoooooo…must try them out! Looks like my wallet just might go dry again. Gah.]


    better stop before we have to rumage througha pile of yarn to find you hiding in there. :nyeh:

    [KENNOTTT! *lol* :nyeh: ]

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