The bed is done!

A semi-panoramic view of the finished work!

I really would have called it a day but I was bored and napping wasn’t really in the cards. So I whipped out some measuring tape and started taking down measurements for everything that needed a covering of some sort. Then I realized that I needed a snapshot of the furniture to do a colour comparison. Yes, I am nuts in that sense. So PDA and camera phone came in handy…REALLY handy.

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C’est fini!

What a pile!!!!

At 1200 hours, my bro’s final box of junk joined the heap at the living room. And no, I will not be delivering the entire pile. It just won’t fit into my car and Dad did have a point – “It’s not even important or precious junk. So why make gawd knows how many trips just to dump everything at his place? Get him to pick it up.”

Btw, the pic excludes the pile we had to give away or trash!


So, now that is done – and half of my things are already packed (that’s why I’m blogging only now!) – I just have to move my toiletteries, get new bedlinen (plus some curtains), the computer table and that’s it.

…okay…so what am I going to do for the next few weeks until Nil comes?

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Oh the stress.

It’s piling up…and I’m not happy. It’s frustrating, the answers I get. At this rate, I’ll lose weight irregardless of whether I diet or exercise.

…”So who do you want to invite?”
Their answer: “Aiya, your dinner not so soon. Wait till Nil come down first la.”

…”Thinking of having the dinner reception at a restaurant.”
Their answer: “Aiya, no need la. Just have it at home. Book the whole street and get a caterer.”

…”Thinking of moving out to stay on our own. Can always buy a place.”
Their answer: “What for? You’re not going to stay here forever. No need to buy. Waste money.”

…”Well, then rent lor.”
Their answer: “Instead of giving someone else 1K, you might as well stay with me and give me that 1K. By the way, when you get married already, you better give me some money ar, especially when I retire.”

…”Urm…but it’s not nice…need some privacy mah.”
Their answer: “What privacy? Your room not private enough ar?”

…”Do you think this dress is nice for the registration ar? I think it’s a bit OTT la. Not quite what I had in mind.”
Their answer: “NO LA. It’s nice. Wear la. No need to buy new dress…but you better lose weight lor. Look so fat and so no nice.”


I honestly don’t understand why some people in my family get away with help, RM20K and not paying a single cent these days while I have to do the exact opposite.

So stressed out and Nil isn’t even here yet.


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UPDATE: Heathery Pink Ivy


This wrap is coming along very very slowly. Just chugging my way along the back piece at the moment. *sigh*

I can never knit outfits as fast as I tackle lace shawls. I guess the pattern and construction are radically different – lace patterns are interesting while wraps can be rather boring. Nevertheless, I do like how Ivy is slowly taking form. Perhaps it’s the yarn.

Who knows?

On the side, my sock needles and JaegarSpun are in the mail! wOOOt!!!!!!!!


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Clearing out the room.


It would appear that I’ll still continue living with my parents after my marriage until Nil finds a job (and not forever!) so I had taken the task of clearing out the master bedroom which once was my brother’s marital room. He has since moved to a house of his own. Nevertheless, his things are still in the cupboards and clearing them out, I just realised, will not be easy. Looks can be deceiving…REALLY deceiving.

So far, I have dug out items bought as gifts for them (but never used), soap, toiletteries, condoms (heh), clothes, undies, jackets, belts, lighter, harmonica, fishing equipment, books, insurance policies, and believe it or not, money.

Anyway, I’ll be moving my things there and my room will be converted into a workroom which means that some of the old furniture can go! YAY! So lets see, I’ll need some simple, budget-y purchases from IKEA such as computer table, chair, bedlinen, pillows & quilt, filing cabinet, wardrobe stuff and lights.

Of course, I’ll need to move the furniture around and get some new drapes/curtains but I got that a while back when I made some quilt-related purchases last year. Can’t wait till I get everything done!!!

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UPDATE: (I’ve) Got The Blues


I’m making very very slow progress with this. Should have threaded the beads in before I started. Hopefully I’ll finish this soon…don’t know how long it’ll take though but in between Ivy and this plus preparing my marital room (!), ARGH!

Hm. If it gets tight, I might just shove this aside to work on my wedding shawl – just order some delicious JaggerSpun Zephyr in corny white and oh-so-grand chrome (which is like gold!) from Sarah’s Yarns. Haven’t exactly picked a pattern yet…we’ll see how it goes.

Yes, I know…I know – there was that Knitpicks spree for my SP10 spoilee plus some sock needle sets from (again for my spoilee) and now this.


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Contest #4: My still unused yarn(s)


Delicious woolies balls!

Lana Grossa (unknown type)
Yardage: 150m/50g
Gauge: 24st x 30 rows
Fibre content: 50% Baumwolle 50% Schurwolle
Price: AUD1.29 per ball
Quantity: 7 x dark blue grey; 7 x light blue grey

This is the oldest yarn I have in my stash. I bought it some time around October 2003, just before I returned from my postgraduate studies in Sydney, Australia. I had just picked up knitting then and was always lost in the Lincraft store at Macquarie Centre, a stone’s throw from where I lived (at Durham Close for you Sydney-Epping folks!).

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Size: 6
Heel height: Approx 3.5 inches
Location: Walk-In at 1-Utama New Wing
Cost: RM57 after discount. (Original price: RM69.90)

This is will be worn during the photo shoot as well as the RoM.

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