Moss (Faux) Dashing

Heathery fingerless gloves.

Moss (Faux) Dashing
Pattern | Adapted from Dashing
Yarn | Harrisville Flax & Wool Yarn (Moss)
Needles | 3.5mm DPN

This is a rather simple one cable-adaptation…I was actually going to follow the pattern to the T until I realized that I misread one sentence and well, what was supposed to be a few cables turned out to be just two – one on the palm and one right above. O’well…

It's a bit big for me, no?

Pattern wasn’t a problem to follow since I used Dad as my model as to how long to go and how wide it ought to be. It looks to be just about right… The yarn, on the other hand, was a bit of a pain.

I definitely hadn’t expected it to be fragile although I must admit that the label did warn me. Slightly and loosely spun, all you need to do to rip the yarn apart is just give it a tug. It happened twice – once on each glove!!!! That aside, everything else is perfect. It has that soft wool feel yet flaxy to the touch and the colour is oh-so-right for a man. Warning though – it comes with bits of straw and stuff in it; testament to the fact that it is very heathery and “natural”.

Definitely too big!

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