The heat.

Oh the damn heat. Even the blasted air-conditioning isn’t enough. All I can think of is dunking myself in ice cold water. BAH.

Funny looking brownie-muffins!

Baking on a hot night is never a good idea. My brownie-muffins came away looking really strange. Somehow I prefer Betty Crocker’s brownie mixes to Pilsbury. Yes, when it comes to brownies, I take the lazy way out. Also, ever notice frosting on my cupcakes? Well, I don’t like frosting on already super sweet stuff. So no, no frosting…yet.

A nerdy vamp? The teacher in me wants out. The shy shot!

On the side, I got some spanking new specs. Power went up a step (25 out of 100) so no need to change that but it’s low considering that my last test was two years ago and it used to go up 100-150 every year when I was a teen! I look nerdy though. Bah.

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  1. Hey, I have a really easy Brownie recipe if you like. Just dump everything in. hehe. I must say those brownies looks awfully yummy. Speaking of it, I haven’t had my fix in ages šŸ˜›

    [OOOOhhh…quick quick! Do a blog post and I’ll go steal the recipe! *sheepish*]

  2. Yum – those look spectacular. Love you new glasses as well!

    [Thankies! Although I wish they would look more “pro” instead of homemade.]

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