Secret wishes.


Dear Secret Pal,

I’ve been bad…and broke.

Bad because I’ve been neglecting my knitting projects. Ivy is going oh-so-slowly, Faux Dashing is just looking pretty on my table, Shetland Shawl is a secret that is pretty well-kept considering that I didn’t even say anything about the project until now and the socks? In my knitting bag. So much for trying the magic loop technique. I don’t know why. I’m just tired. Tired from work. Tired from all the crazy research on visas, PR applications and marriage registration. All I want to do these days, or rather, all I can think of these days is just staying at home and knitting away.

I think I need a holiday. It’s about time anyway. Wish Le Lapin would spirit me away in his suitcase or something when he’s off on holiday, which is soon. Or better still…I could always hit the jackpot and move to anywhere I want with Nil – no worries.

Broke because I’m being doing some yarn purchases, beading purchases, sending off gifts to people (my spoilee included), dinner with Le Jazz, grocery shopping (frozen bagels for RM16!!!!! O_O ), phone calls to Nil and trying to save at least 1.5K every month. On top of that, I so want this, this, these and well…I should stop lest I sound really horrible.

Whoever said that knitting would be a healthy hobby absolutely knew nothing about yarn and yarn addiction. I can almost see it now. Myself standing in an AA-equivalent group going “Hi, my name is Mabel and I have a problem. I’m addicted to yarn”. Or worse…standing in a corner like some naughty kid who just got caught by her teacher. Bah.

When am I ever going to get my knitting muse back? It’s not a woman, btw. My knitting muse is a man…my muses always are. *giggles*

Your spoilee.

ps: You don’t have to send me exactly what I want. Just something similar…or just yarn. That’s always good! XD Seriously, I’m easy to please.

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  1. I will see what i can do! Unfortunately I am in the UK so the knitpicks is out i’m afraid – however I can get some great ‘bare’ yarn, I am just getting into dying with food colourants which I find much easier than kool-aid (see the knitty article in the new issue!) I should be sending your first parcel (which will be a biggy) at the end of april. I hope it will be special enough to be worth the wait. Take Care.

    [OH OH! It doesn’t have to be knitpicks…something similar will do. LOL. Don’t mind me. I’m just being notty. Anything is good. XD ]

  2. If you could choose what fibre blank yarn would u prefer (e.g. 100% wool, superwash, alpaca etc) and what weight (sock, dk, lace etc) e-mail me and let me know.

    [Emailed you!]

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