Broadbandless again.

Streamyx decided to be a bytch and died on me halfway on Friday night. Before that, it was already unstable and shitty. Counting the days before it finally crash, well, it’s been about nearly five days already.

Now, before you jump to conclusion and say that my phone line is shitty, well, phone works great (I still get calls and all), modem works fine as well (it’s new too!) so it’s got to be the connection from the hub to the house line.


Why o’ why can’t this be Australia when I can choose between TPG, Telstra, Optus and a few other companies for Internet access?


Yes, this means I won’t be online for a bit. Bah.

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  1. aiyo, u’re not the only one! streamyx has been a pain in the butt recently. dunno why…..say only broadband. it takes AGES to connect, can u believe it??? :furious:

    [Not too sure. It’s becoming very annoying though. Worse that 56K honestly. =.=]

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