A new step.

Uncle, I would like to have your permission to marry your daughter… I know you’re concerned that I may be jobless at the moment but I’m trying really hard…

I may have laughed like a hyena (yes, I can be that mean – it was my idea, after all) when Nil rehearsed his whole dialogue with me just seconds before he repeated the same thing to my father over the phone…all the way from Lyon.

The man had been mustering up some, if not a lot of, courage since Sunday when I had decided that I wanted to move to Lyon by middle of the year, which meant that we would have to get married. I’ll give him credit for that. After all, he has never been married or been in a situation like this. *beams*

Y’know, although we have been engaged for some time, nothing beats the moment when your parents get told…or rather…get asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. You should have seen my parents, especially my father. Nevermind that he thinks Nil should now call my brother and tell him too! But we settled for emails since my brother is hard to get most of the time. As old-fashioned as it may be, every father loves to hear that sort of thing. Respect, bravery, love, even maybe the whole stepping-out-of-your-shy-shell to tell someone, if not the world, that you want this woman enough to do crazy, old-fashioned stuff for her.

I may have laughed but at the end of the day, it made my heart flutter ever so sweetly.


I really can’t believe it. I am going to be someone’s his wife. OMIGOD.

Be Mine by Guy Sebastian

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  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    Wish you all the happiness in the world. It’s a leap of faith but you’re grounded enough to make the most of it.

    [Thanks, babe. And what have you been up to? Been ages since I last heard from you!]

  2. Congratulations. May this bring you to new and exciting adventures as you share new experiences with your man. :clap:

    [Thanks, Mire! I just hope it won’t involve jungle trekking in the middle of nowhere in South America. *skittish* ]

  3. OMIGOD…wedding bells!! Can I already say congratulations to you AND Nil? :clap: I’m not going to ask when or where you’re going to have your wedding coz you’re going to blog about it, so I’ll wait patiently until you do. :flower:

    CONGRATS once again!

    [HAHAHAHAHA! The power of the blog, no????

    And yes, you can say your congratulations now. ^.~]

  4. It appears congratulations are in order! I am very happy for you.

    [Thankies thankies! Nowwwww…where and what have you been up to????]

  5. Congrats Mei!!! :clap: Welcome to France, and add on to our little m’sian community over here.

    [OHHHH! :clap: At least I won’t feel so lonely now! ^.^ ]

  6. :clap:

    I am sooooo HAPPY for you! Congrats cousy…I do hope I get to meet Nil sometime in the near future. With you in France…I might never get to hang with you!….well I should use it as an excuse to come over and visit, huh? Wow you are getting married…I can’t believe how grown up you are now. Best wishes and be well. Write to me soon….always nice to hear from yer!

    [Yes, you had better better come visit!!!! Or better still, maybe I can come visit? ^.~ ]

  7. wow so happy for you, hugs hugs hugs.

    :clap: :hyper: :thumbsup:

    [Thankies thankies! And may I congratulate you on your impending bun in the oven? ^.^]

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I remember ho nervous Ted was when he asked my mum. Mum told me that half th time she couldnt hear him talk coz he kind of mumbles when he is nervous AND she is slightly hard of hearing but the *important* words were there. I dont exactly know what they were coz I kept out of sight when he asked for my hand, face to face. :sweat:

    [LOL! It’s so cute hearing about it but I bet it wasn’t that funny then, no? 😉 ]

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