Stitch marker crazy.

Butterfly goodness

Yes…you heard/read it alright. I’ve been going nuts not with making jewelry with all the beading stuff I’ve been getting, but I’ve been making stitch markers. And as we speak, a shipment of semiprecious stone chips are making their way to Malaysia…just for me. I’ll also be on leave during Good Friday and Easter so that means a trip downtown to check out wholesalers and stuff. Oh the joy!

So far, the stitch markers I made are pretty simple – wooden, plastic and glass beads – but I’m hoping to get some really nice ones out soon…after I restock on jump rings and my bead collection. Probably even play around with some wires and making my own beads but wait, that’s going too far ahead. Don’t want to start counting my chickens before they hatch.

Anyway, don’t you just love handmade stuff? I was so tempted to turn these blue butterfly babies into earrings. Hm. Maybe I should! Ooooo…ideas!

Butterfly goodness on a needle

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  1. yes,it looks nice in earrings as well – bacon made a nearly exact match of the above into a pair of earrings – one crystal instead of two


    my wholesaler in petaling st has closed down – where do you get all your ‘stock’?

    [So far, just the LYS near my place. I’m going to check out the stores in Petaling Street this weekend!]

  2. oooh, i love those butterfly charms. for a min there, i thought they looked like mine. hehe… :clap: keep it going, girl!

    [You won’t be able to wear these! *giggles* Thank you thank you! (You want one?)]

  3. Oh no which wholesaler in petaling street closed down??

    Anyways I think the stitch markers look cool, and made cooler by the fact you take real gorgeous photoes of them

    [Am not too sure leh, Mona… I’ll find out in two weeks’ time. And thankies for the compliments! I hope to make some more soon!!!! *waits for shipment soon*]

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