Of lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school.

Specifically grad-law school.

I have been wondering why this sudden yet intense fascination with the law and if it had anything to do with either the nature of my work (I have been doing mostly legal work) or my rather smallish exposure to media law and IP during my years of study as a mass communication graduate. No, it has precious little to do with my fascination for lawyers…although I haven’t actually decided if I want go into the practice or not. Yes, even though I have worked on family law, conveyancing, a little bit of corps and now trade practices, I am gravitating more towards intellectual property law with a general mix of business law. It is after all something I’m familiar with…media law would be better though. ^.^

Anyway, the trouble with this option is that law in France isn’t easy nor short. Unlike the postgraduate courses that I had in mind (either in Singapore or Australia), the ones in France run for at least two years and are taught entirely in French. Considering that my French isn’t exactly up to conversational level, the thought of reading something in French is horrifying. Add the fact that it’s le droit and…well, you know what I mean.

So many things to consider. There is Nil…money…time…possibility of babies…ack.

Choices, choices.

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