Savoury pancakes

Colourful fatty goodness!

I was a little lazy today (after a horrible and long week at the office) and didn’t exactly wanted to eat rice or noodles, plus we had a big batch of chives freshly harvested from our neighbour’s veggie garden (where Mum helps out all the time)…so I decided to cook something simple.

Dug around in the fridge and hey presto, some savoury pancakes! Now I didn’t make much because my parents aren’t really big fans of anything wheaty. Me? Well, batter (made with wheat flour and water) + chives + lap cheong (Chinese sausage) + dried shrimps = absolutely yumness!

Feel free to eat this just as it is or with a dab of sweet chilli sauce! Absolutely divine!!!

Savoury pancakes!

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