Moss (Faux) Dashing

Heathery fingerless gloves.

Moss (Faux) Dashing
Pattern | Adapted from Dashing
Yarn | Harrisville Flax & Wool Yarn (Moss)
Needles | 3.5mm DPN

This is a rather simple one cable-adaptation…I was actually going to follow the pattern to the T until I realized that I misread one sentence and well, what was supposed to be a few cables turned out to be just two – one on the palm and one right above. O’well…

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No more “Work”.

I have decided to unload about work somewhere else and by somewhere else, I mean a private blog. There is only so much you can tell people and keeping it bottled up takes a toll on me. Plus I would like to be able to rant and rant without having to worry about losing my job. Yes, it’s that bad.

So yeah. No more work stuff anymore. If you get an invite, lucky you.

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The heat.

Oh the damn heat. Even the blasted air-conditioning isn’t enough. All I can think of is dunking myself in ice cold water. BAH.

Funny looking brownie-muffins!

Baking on a hot night is never a good idea. My brownie-muffins came away looking really strange. Somehow I prefer Betty Crocker’s brownie mixes to Pilsbury. Yes, when it comes to brownies, I take the lazy way out. Also, ever notice frosting on my cupcakes? Well, I don’t like frosting on already super sweet stuff. So no, no frosting…yet.

A nerdy vamp? The teacher in me wants out. The shy shot!

On the side, I got some spanking new specs. Power went up a step (25 out of 100) so no need to change that but it’s low considering that my last test was two years ago and it used to go up 100-150 every year when I was a teen! I look nerdy though. Bah.

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Secret wishes.


Dear Secret Pal,

I’ve been bad…and broke.

Bad because I’ve been neglecting my knitting projects. Ivy is going oh-so-slowly, Faux Dashing is just looking pretty on my table, Shetland Shawl is a secret that is pretty well-kept considering that I didn’t even say anything about the project until now and the socks? In my knitting bag. So much for trying the magic loop technique. I don’t know why. I’m just tired. Tired from work. Tired from all the crazy research on visas, PR applications and marriage registration. All I want to do these days, or rather, all I can think of these days is just staying at home and knitting away.

I think I need a holiday. It’s about time anyway. Wish Le Lapin would spirit me away in his suitcase or something when he’s off on holiday, which is soon. Or better still…I could always hit the jackpot and move to anywhere I want with Nil – no worries.

Broke because I’m being doing some yarn purchases, beading purchases, sending off gifts to people (my spoilee included), dinner with Le Jazz, grocery shopping (frozen bagels for RM16!!!!! O_O ), phone calls to Nil and trying to save at least 1.5K every month. On top of that, I so want this, this, these and well…I should stop lest I sound really horrible.

Whoever said that knitting would be a healthy hobby absolutely knew nothing about yarn and yarn addiction. I can almost see it now. Myself standing in an AA-equivalent group going “Hi, my name is Mabel and I have a problem. I’m addicted to yarn”. Or worse…standing in a corner like some naughty kid who just got caught by her teacher. Bah.

When am I ever going to get my knitting muse back? It’s not a woman, btw. My knitting muse is a man…my muses always are. *giggles*

Your spoilee.

ps: You don’t have to send me exactly what I want. Just something similar…or just yarn. That’s always good! XD Seriously, I’m easy to please.

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Broadbandless again.

Streamyx decided to be a bytch and died on me halfway on Friday night. Before that, it was already unstable and shitty. Counting the days before it finally crash, well, it’s been about nearly five days already.

Now, before you jump to conclusion and say that my phone line is shitty, well, phone works great (I still get calls and all), modem works fine as well (it’s new too!) so it’s got to be the connection from the hub to the house line.


Why o’ why can’t this be Australia when I can choose between TPG, Telstra, Optus and a few other companies for Internet access?


Yes, this means I won’t be online for a bit. Bah.

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A new step.

Uncle, I would like to have your permission to marry your daughter… I know you’re concerned that I may be jobless at the moment but I’m trying really hard…

I may have laughed like a hyena (yes, I can be that mean – it was my idea, after all) when Nil rehearsed his whole dialogue with me just seconds before he repeated the same thing to my father over the phone…all the way from Lyon.

The man had been mustering up some, if not a lot of, courage since Sunday when I had decided that I wanted to move to Lyon by middle of the year, which meant that we would have to get married. I’ll give him credit for that. After all, he has never been married or been in a situation like this. *beams*

Y’know, although we have been engaged for some time, nothing beats the moment when your parents get told…or rather…get asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. You should have seen my parents, especially my father. Nevermind that he thinks Nil should now call my brother and tell him too! But we settled for emails since my brother is hard to get most of the time. As old-fashioned as it may be, every father loves to hear that sort of thing. Respect, bravery, love, even maybe the whole stepping-out-of-your-shy-shell to tell someone, if not the world, that you want this woman enough to do crazy, old-fashioned stuff for her.

I may have laughed but at the end of the day, it made my heart flutter ever so sweetly.


I really can’t believe it. I am going to be someone’s his wife. OMIGOD.

Be Mine by Guy Sebastian

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Stitch marker crazy.

Butterfly goodness

Yes…you heard/read it alright. I’ve been going nuts not with making jewelry with all the beading stuff I’ve been getting, but I’ve been making stitch markers. And as we speak, a shipment of semiprecious stone chips are making their way to Malaysia…just for me. I’ll also be on leave during Good Friday and Easter so that means a trip downtown to check out wholesalers and stuff. Oh the joy!

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Mossy (Faux) Dashing.

Cables on my Mossy (Faux) Dashing...

It isn’t turning out to be very dashing at all.

Due to some strange reason (I suspect because I had forgotten all about the pattern), Mossy just isn’t turning out right. Bleh.

Anyway, I have resigned myself to having two panels of cables running up past the thumb area. O’well…it’ll still be nice fingerless gloves anyway.

On a completely non-knitting related matter, I have decided. June/July will be the date irrespective of whether Nil has a job or not…and whether my parents approve…or not. Will say more but not now.

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