(Sweet) Raspberry Kisses

Blooming patterns...

Raspberry Kisses
Pattern | Kiri Shawl by All Tangled Up
Yarn | Handpaintedyarn.com Merino Lace in Burgundy (about 400-600 yards)
Needles | 4mm circular & 7mm circular (cast off)

Shawls are addictive…up to a certain point! In the beginning it was tough getting through the pattern. I kept mixing rows up and dropping stitches. But after a while, things went on pretty smoothly, and I chugged ahead, doing a couple of rows every night and completing 11 repeats of those “leaves”. It was as if I was on a lace spell and chanting the mantra “Lace lace lace!”

In the sun, showing off in the kitchen...

I did make some booboos towards the end but since it’s the edging, I can hope (and pray) that the recipient won’t notice a damn thing. Surprisingly blocking this wasn’t all that difficult – a couple of pins, some water spray and the next day it was ready for some serious showing off…except I wasn’t in the mood to be in the damn pics as well. Besides, I don’t really fancy wearing stuff that other people are going to be using so no modelled FO gifts for me!

Looks like this Chinese New Year has been pretty fruitful…now off to finish that baby jacket (with its boring stockinette stitch), maybe bake some bread (if I’m still up for it after my luncheon with the boys) and figure out what I need (more like “want” ) to knit next.

Blue skies everywhere!

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