Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Pussy willows and CNY deco sans le porc!

No…it is NOT “Happy New Year”!!!!!!! “Happy Chinese New Year” isn’t exactly right but better. Chinese people love wishes that bubble over with loads of sweet words like “wealth, happiness, prosperity” and so forth. So say it right.

Chinese New Year preparations aside, I am oh-so-not-looking forward to the whole interogation session. Mum’s side of the family is horrible compared to Dad’s side (who are always on vacation during CNY). Seriously. I know they are being kaypoh plus concerned (this is me being optimistic) but every year, it’s the same usual drill.

So…where is your boyfriend? Got one or not? If got, bring back la. If don’t have, when you wanna get boyfriend? So old ALREADDYYYYYYYYYY! (insert the insulted but pretend-to-be-happy look here)

(After a few seconds… )

So when are you getting married? You, young women should get married la. All this work and education for what? Women should get married!

(After a few more seconds… )

So…when are you getting married? Aiyo, don’t make me wait till I wanna go to the grave already la.

(After another few more seconds… )

So…when is the wedding?

It’ll be worse this year since my younger cousin got married last year. Heh. Trying to figure out some excuses here. Bleh.

Now, lets not even get to the comments about weight, children and all. Heh.

Oh…if you’re new to this, get used to it. It’s part and puzzle of the season. So yeah…Gong Xi Gong Xi.

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  1. :angry: :angry:

    Dont you just hate that??? Went back to Malaysia umpteen years ago for a family wedding.( to represent my parents) Everyone asking how come still not married?? Make so much money not good , need a husband lah. My reply ” no one wants me lah” ( no point explaining – already dating my now hubby and white at that) See so and so emigrated with their daughter now cannot find a nice Chinese man overseas. Next minute I was the only female other than somebody’s old aunt at my table– the rest was “everyone’s young and eligible son at my table. That night I’m sure most eyes were more at my table than at the wedding table :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:

    The following year went back for my honeymoon and second wedding dinner. Heard from the sourgrapes mothers of those eligible sons– See no Chinese want her so have to marry ang moh. Lucky me then LOL

    Happy New Year, Mabel and the last laugh will be yours as was mine πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    [Fooyoh! Dun so marah! Funny thing this year is only two aunts asked (out of four) and the uncles stayed clear from the topic! YAY!

    Well, when the time comes, I’m sure I’ll be laughing too! πŸ˜‰ ]

  2. ah, the darker side of being a single girl in her 20s. Give them a random date, and tell them to be ready for the invite – when you actually have something to say back to them, they usually shut up in disbelief

    gong xi fa cai and have a good year:)

    [You have a good year too! This year, I just deflect la – “Ask my mum la!” *WAKAKAKAKA*]

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