A knitter’s prayer.

Dear God/dess of craft,

My muse has gone into overtime with this Kiri shawl that I’m currently working on. I have fallen in love with lacework and as such find myself entertaining thoughts of making shawls more than I should. I still have heaps of other projects to work on.

You have to, please, help me to overcome this serious temptation to purchase some awfully gorgeous laceweight yarn or at least just help me buy one or two skeins instead of purchasing nearly five to six skeins of yummilicious yarn.

I really need to tow the line somewhere…all this drooling and wanting to get yarn is burning a hole in my wallet more than it should.


A yarn addict.

No, this is absolutely no joke. Lets hope I can hold off this temptation for a little while more. Heh.

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